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Our Team

Meet Us

AD|ARC is led by a project team based in Administrative Data Research Wales. The project team coordinate the wider partnership including Government ministries and agencies, Trusted Research Environments and governance panels to deliver and support the AD|ARC data service and research activities.

The AD|ARC team

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Dr Paul Caskie

Principle Investigator

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Sian Morrison-Rees

Lead Researcher

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Nicholas Webster

Senior Analyst


To ensure that AD|ARC is accountable and delivers benefits to UK Agriculture the project team reports and consults with Government, Academia, Farming Unions, Associations and Charities on matters relating to the design and management of the AD|ARC data platform and research.

Steering Group

The AD|ARC Steering Group is UK wide and composed of representatives from across the AD|ARC partnership including Government Ministries and Agencies, Trusted Research Environments and Governance panels.

Academic Advisory Board

The AD|ARC Academic Advisory Board is composed of inter-disciplinary researchers from Universities and Research Institutions across the UK.

Stakeholder Reference Groups

AD|ARC has established Stakeholder Reference Groups in the UK administrations, reflecting the devolution of Agricultural policy. Members of these groups include Farming Unions, Associations, and Charities.