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Enhancing the prosperity and wellbeing of farm households

What is AD|ARC?

About AD|ARC

About us

Our Approach

AD|ARC is working in partnership with Government, Academia, Farming Unions, Associations and Charities to deliver research that will benefit the people and households in UK Agriculture, and wider rural communities

Farming in the UK underpins food security, generates economic benefits and shapes a rich and varied landscape. Despite this, there is a lack of evidence on the people and households that farm in the UK and the challenges they face.

AD|ARC is focussed on supporting the people and households that farm in the UK and live in rural areas. It is a safe and secure de-identified data platform that can only be accessed by accredited researchers with approved research projects. Research projects have to evidence public benefits and cannot be commercially focussed.

AD|ARC brings together new technology, data-scientists and researchers to improve understanding of the people and households who farm in the UK, and wider rural communities. Given recent changes to Agricultural policy in the UK AD|ARC is a valuable resource to help support efforts to support the prosperity and wellbeing of farming and rural households.

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AD|ARC brings data scientists together with experts in agriculture and rural affairs to carry out research relevant to the people and households in UK agriculture and rural communities.

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